Spring training returns, bringing income to workers and local businesses

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Baseball returned to the Palm Beaches’ Ball Palk as the Miami Marlins took on the Washington Nationals in their spring training game.

“The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, it couldn’t be better,” said Marlins fan Nicole Leto, who watched the game from home run territory with her two children.

Leto said resume spring training is a precious family moment as they cheer on their team.

“It’s the experience we love watching the game, the food, walking around the stadium trying to catch a ball,” Leto said.

For dealership workers like Mark Muniz, spring training is a form of extra income.

“It’s my spring training gig, it’s a little extra money and it’s fun that’s the most important thing. We have fun with the fans and the families,” said Mark Muniz, a dealer at Ball Park of the Palm Beaches.

Beyond the stadium, places like Jumby Bay are already seeing business kick in

“Oh, that’s great. They’re excited and energetic. They’ve been at the game all day, they need some sunscreen but they’re having a great time,” said Heather Voight, one of the managers. at Jumby Bay.

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They say with home games on Friday and Saturday they have seen a whirlwind of guests and only phone ahead when people visit Jumby Bay.

“Spring training means a lot more sales, again another revenue comeback that we didn’t see last year with COVID, so we’re very happy they’ve got it all figured out and we’re back. and ready to play ball,” Voight said.

It all comes as one lockout suspends spring training due to negotiations with the team managers and the players’ association.

“I’m happy, but I wish they had negotiated sooner instead of wasting three months. They could have done everything sooner,” baseball fan Bobby Leibenstein said.

Due to the lockout, spring training has missed two weeks of games, but teams are ready for a full regular season schedule.

“2022 is going to be a fun year for all baseball fans and yeah, so I can’t wait,” Leibenstein said.

On Saturday, the Miami Marlins will face the Houston Astros at Roger Dean Stadium.

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