St. Stanislaus baseball takes batting practice to the next level

BAY ST. Louis, Miss. (WLOX) – It’s true what they say: numbers never lie. Especially in sports.

With the St. Stanislaus baseball team, the numbers are the ultimate truth-teller, powered by HitTrax – a state-of-the-art system giving players and coaches immediate feedback on every swing, including launch angle, output speed and see exactly where each bullet travels.

“A coach can tell them one thing, but it’s a whole other thing to see her,” said head coach Brad Corley. “You can’t try to trick yourself into thinking it’s a success when it wasn’t. On the computer screen, it shows you exactly where he went, how hard you hit him, and whether the guy played or not.

The Rock-a-Chaws were the first high school program in the state to have HitTrax installed at their facility. Not only does it provide next-level data, but it also makes workouts feel a little more like games.

“You always want to be that guy on top at the end of the day,” said senior Brandon Rhodes. “It always adds a competitive advantage. It makes you want to be better. »

Development is the ultimate goal. Whether monthly or annually, players can see exactly where they are improving and by how much.

“I went from hitting 85 miles per hour maybe once a year ago, and now it’s a daily occurrence for me,” Tanner Reinike said. “It also really helps to see how you’re performing in the weight room, to see if what you’re doing is actually working.”

With the ability to retain data for years, the most important development step for gamers is guided by the most accurate analysis available.

“If they start hitting on that in seventh grade, by the time they’re senior, we can go back and look at six years ago where they were versus now, and see the growth,” Corley said. . “We see guys gaining 10 miles per hour in a year. It’s one of those things, as freshman to sophomore and sophomore to junior, they also turn into young men. We can see the output strength and speed increase as they swing each day.

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