Teammates Bosserman and Keller share Baseball Player of the Year award

For as long as Cole Keller and Parker Bosserman can remember, they have been either teammates – or occasional opponents – on the baseball field.

They started out as T-ball stars, with Keller playing for the Cardinals while Bosserman was the Royals’ go-to guy.

Over the next 14 years, they created a legacy of greatness, culminating in an unforgettable senior season, each of whom played a key role in the Grain Valley 27-9 race to the bottom four of Class 5, where the Eagles finished in second place. to Willard – a bitter pill each of them can never swallow.

Prior to that stinging 9-8 loss in the championship game, Keller struck out 14 and netted three points in a 7-2 rout of Rockwood Summit in the state semifinals.

Bosserman hit 0.504 for the season and finished with a school record of 63 hits – which is tied for the second-best total in state history. The previous Grain Valley record of 47 was set by Kyle Clark in 2017.

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Grain Valley senior Cole Keller throws a pitch in a Class 5 semi-final victory over Rockwood Summit.  Keller was a force on the mound and the plate and shares the 2021 Examiner Baseball Player of the Year with longtime teammate Parker Bosserman.

It’s impossible to think of Keller without mentioning Bosserman, and vice versa, as the two longtime friends only become the second players in Examiner history to share the Baseball Player of the Year award. the examiner. The first duo were 1999 Blue Springs wide receiver Rusty Meyer and pitcher Rick Wilson, who led the Wildcats to their first State Championship.

“They deserve it,” said Eagles coach Brian Driskell, whose team has won the most games and had the best state result in school history. “Parker has probably had the best offensive season in baseball history at Grain Valley. Considering the level of competition we’ve played, I’d say it’s pretty amazing.

“Cole was the lifeblood of this team. We couldn’t have said it without him. He is one of those special children that I will miss for many years to come – a wonderful character child who has done an outstanding job in the classroom. .

“If there was a big game, they were up for it. Cole wanted to be on the mound or at bat and Parker wanted to be at bat, or have the ball hit him off the shortstop. Tell you about a .504 batting average? The guys in the Sunday softball leagues don’t hit 0.504. He had 63 hits in 36 games, that’s unbelievable.

It’s the perfect end to their baseball legacy, which will continue with Keller playing football at Washburn University and Bosserman staying with baseball at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

“It’s pretty cool to share this with Cole,” Bosserman said, “but I know we would both trade any personal honor for a state championship. I’m still upset about this loss (Bosserman has took the loss in relief) and don’t know if I’ll ever forget it.

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“But, coming back to the price, I remember when I was with the Royals and Cole was with the Cardinals in T-ball. Then I think we were on different teams for some reason in fourth year, but we’ve been teammates on every other team since then and it’s a great way to end our playing days together. ”

Grain Valley's Parker Bosserman (pitcher) and Cole Keller have been teammates for most of their lives, including youth baseball.  They share the 2021 Examiner's Baseball Player of the Year award after helping the Eagles take second place in the Class 5 State.

Keller said that he and Bosserman fed on each other.

“Parker was always the best hitter and the best defensive player and I wanted to be the best too, so he made me a better player,” Keller said. “He made me work so hard, and I hope I made him work hard too. We both hate losing more than we love to win and I think that’s a big reason why we were successful. over the years.

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“This loss to state has been tough – really tough. I think about it all the time, but this loss won’t define our team, me or Parker, or the Grain Valley baseball team. one of the best years in history and there is a lot to enjoy, even if it wasn’t for that fairytale ending we all wanted. ”

Bosserman finished the season with 23 extra hits, including four homers, 39 RBIs and 44 Rounds scored with an OPS of 1.343 (based plus stroke percentage). He was 1-2 on the mound, primarily as a reliever, and had a 3.76 ERA.

“He’s had the best shortstop year I’ve ever seen,” said Driskell. “As good as he was as a hitter, he was just as good at shortstop.”

Keller reached .394 with 14 extra hits, 36 RBIs, 14 goals stolen and an OPS of 1.009 as he played on third base and outfield when not on the mound. He was 3-0 in the playoffs and finished with a 7-2 record, 73 strikeouts in 55 innings and a 1.66 ERA.

Cole hit between Parker and Kaden Jeffries, who was on the All-State squad with Cole and Parker and Riley Bown, and he probably faced more difficult shots than anyone in our roster. Big, the better he played. He was a beast, and I’m glad he was on our side. ”

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Baseball all zones 2021


P – Wyatt Clark, Sr., South Blue Springs – 4-2, 1.43 ERA, 41 strikeouts, 19 walks, opponent’s batting average of 0.181, 1.22 WHIP (walks and hits per set pitched); Honorable Mention MHSBCA Class 6 All-State; the whole district; Big Eight entirely suburban; senior star of the MHSBCA; signed with the University of Central Missouri.

C – Antonio Graham, soph., William Chrisman – .346, 4 doubles, 1 triple, 11 RBIs, .432 base percentage, .420 slugging percentage, .864 OPS, 1,000 fielding percentage (no errors all season); the whole district; Mid-suburb all-in-one Six.

IF – Parker Bosserman, sr., Grain Valley – 0.504, 13 doubles, 6 triples, 4 HR, 39 RBIs, 44 runs, single school season record 63 hits (second best total in state history), 8 marches, .543 percentage out of base, .800 hit percentage, 1.343 OPS; MHSBCA Class 5 All-State First Team; the whole district; All-suburban environment Six; signed with Kansas City Kansas Community College; Examiner 2021 Co-Player of the Year.

IF – Ben Bryan, sr., Blue Springs South – .364, 7 doubles, 1 triples, 1 HR, 24 RBIs, 20 runs, 13 steps, 9 stolen goals, .457 basing percentage, .545 stroke percentage, 1.002 OPS; the whole district; Big Eight entirely suburban; MHSBCA Academic All-State; NHSBCA Academic All-American.

IF – Grant Hollister, fresh., Blue Springs South – .459, 10 doubles, 2 triples, 25 RBIs, 25 points, 12 steps, only 8 strikeouts, 12 goals stolen, .509 base percentage, .602 stroke percentage, 1,111 OPS; MHSBCA Class 6 All-State First Team; the whole district; Big Eight entirely suburban.

IF – Kaden Jeffries, jr., Grain Valley – .438, 13 doubles, 3 HR, 46 RBI (school record), 28 runs, 94 steps, .489 percentage based, .620 stroke percentage, 1.109 OPS; Honorable Mention MHSBCA Class 5 All-State; the whole district; Mid-suburb all-in-one Six.

SI – Sam Scott, Sr., Truman – .381, 11 doubles, 1 HR, 21 RBI, 20 runs, 13 marches, .466 base percentage, .526 stroke percentage, .991 OPS; the whole district; Mid-suburb all-in-one Six.

OF – Isaiah Frost, sr., Blue Springs South – .471, 6 doubles, 4 triples, 10 RBIs, 19 points, 11 steals, 16 walks, only 7 strikeouts, .597 base percentage, .745 stroke percentage, 1.342 OPS, dice percentage perfect alignment in the central field; Honorable Mention MHSBCA Class 6 All-State; the whole district; Big Eight entirely suburban; signed with Missouri.

OF / Utility – Riley Bown, sr., Grain Valley – .319, 12 doubles, 2 triples, 25 RBI, .370 base percentage, .457 slugging percentage, .827 OPS; 5-1 with 1.71 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, 42 strikeouts, 12 walks as a pitcher; MHSBCA Class 5 All-State Second Team; the whole district; Mid-suburb all-in-one Six.

OF / Utility – Cole Keller, sr., Grain Valley – .394, 10 doubles, 1 triple, 3 HR, 36 RBIs, 33 runs, 13 steps, 14 stolen goals, .455 basing percentage, .554 stroke percentage, 1.009 OPS; 7-2 with 1.66 ERA, 1.22 WHIP, 73 strikeouts, 30 walks as a pitcher; MHSBCA Class 5 All-State First Team; the whole district; All-suburban environment Six; Co-player examiner of the year 2021.

DH – Austin Neuweg, jr., Blue Springs – .421, 3 doubles, 4 triples, 1 HR, 22 RBIs, 16 points, 14 steals, 7 walks, only 9 strikeouts, .470 base percentage, .605 stroke percentage, 1.075 OPS ; the whole district; Big Eight entirely suburban.


P – Joey Gibler, jr., Blue Springs

P – Colton Minks, jr., Blue Springs South

P – Trenton Roehler, soph., Blue Springs South

VS – Alec Butler, jr., Blue Springs

VS – Ty Campbell, Sr., Blue Springs South

IF – Caleb Berry, sr., Saint Michael the Archangel

IF – Nick Gibler, fresh., Blue Springs

IF – Keaton Latlip, Sr., Blue Springs South

IF – Quinton Robertson, Sr., South Blue Springs

IF – Lincoln Stephenson, Fresh., Blue Springs

OF – Haiden Armstrong, jr., Oak Grove

OF – Devin Blayney, jr., Lee’s Summit North

OF – Leo Henderson, father, William Chrisman

OF – Gavin Smith, soph., Blue Springs

OF – Zachary Tillman, soph., Fort Osage

DH / Utility – Trey Kates, soph., William Chrisman

DH / Utility – Greg Menne, jr., Fort Osage

DH / Utility – Korey Messick, soph., Van Horn

DH / Utility – Simon Murray, sr., Lee’s Summit North


Blue sources: Cole Gibler, fresh., OF; Blue Springs South: Jordan Austin, jr., DE; Trenton Trieb, sr., OF / P; Fort Osage: Nick Tinoco, jr., SI; Blake Williams, Sr., OF; Cereal Valley: Cole Arndorfer, sr., C; Joel Palecek, jr., P; Parker Stone, Sr., DH; Lee’s Summit North: Carter Bradford, sr., P; Blake Davis, jr., SI; Jake Rice, soph., IF; Oak: Dalton Chaney, Sr., OF; Carson Smith, jr., IF / P; Saint Michael the Archangel: Caleb Briggs, soph., OF; Matthew Davis, jr., SI; Ian McVey, soph., P; Jackson Stringfield, jr., DE; Noland Vahle, sr., C; Truman: Dane Blankenship, sr., P; Ben Kerby, soph., OF / P; Guillaume Chrisman: Andru Campos. jr., IF / C; Kona Hudson, jr., P.

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