The 2021 Star Drinking Match

The Drinking Game of the Stars 2021 – 5280

The Insider’s Guide to the 2021 MLB All-Star Game in Denver

For those Denverites who can’t redeem a ticket for the main event of the week, this one is for you. Bottom up.

Georgia’s 2021 election integrity law could be the biggest unforced error of the legislative season. After critics argued that the law would limit minority voters’ access to the ballot box, MLB moved July 13 All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver in protest. Losing Peach State is the win for Colorado baseball fans, and we plan to fully celebrate this rare victory by sharing a Denver-themed drinking game for those watching at home.

Take a sip every time …

  • Someone’s talking about passing laws – and maybe take an extra sip if you’re worried about our democracy.
  • The Rockies get a compliment for hosting All-Star Weekend on such short notice.
  • Announcer calls Coors Field a hitter [insert any synonym for “dream” here].
  • This dramatic BetMGM commercial with Jamie Foxx is shown.
  • You see an aerial view of McGregor Square, the all new 659,000 square foot development that spans the block next to Coors Field. Sure, the Rocky Mountain-owned entertainment hub looks like an attempt to buy Denverites love instead of fielding a half-decent squad, but hey, at least it has a food hall.
  • The camera turns to Jared Polis, a staple in the annual congressional baseball game that pits Republicans against Democrats before he becomes governor of Colorado, applauding from the stands. Do it the first time if he has made up his face. (Please, Jared, we need this.)

Finish your drink every time …

  • Nolan Arenado’s business is considered one of the worst in baseball history. (Pour some as a farewell to GM Jeff Bridich.)
  • Peyton Manning is onscreen.
  • A Rockies hitter (the host team must send at least one player) either at bat or on balls.
  • An angry Rockies fan is interviewed and asks the Monforts to sell the team.

Shotgun a beer every time …

  • the dinger video, the mascot of the Rocky Mountain Purple Triceratops, hatched from an egg is televised. (If they don’t show it, look for it. You won’t regret it.)
  • Someone who isn’t from Colorado is making a joke about marijuana. Alternatively, take a 2.5 milligram edible; when in Rome….
  • A long montage of exciting moments from the All-Star Game in 1998, the last time the Midsummer Classic was staged at Mile High City, is starting to roll.

Do a hit if …

  • A mid-afternoon summer thunderstorm (or snow) forces a brief delay.
  • You hear the expression “cancel the culture”.
  • A cat storms the land. Double if it’s the same gray feline that ran across the outfield when the Rockies faced the Dodgers on April 2.
Angela Ufheil, associate editor

Angela Ufheil co-creates the Compass, Adventure and Culture sections of 5280 and writes for

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