The best American League storylines to follow in September

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With only one month left in the MLB season, there are plenty of storylines to watch over the past month.

There are a few division races left to win.

In addition, the MVP AL and Cy Young the race will come down to the final month for some of the league’s top stars.

There are even a few statistical records that have a chance of falling in September.

The American League will be very exciting in the last month of the season, and here are some of the main storylines to follow.

Judge Chases AL Home Run Record

The American League home run record was set by Roger Maris in 1961.

That year he hit 61 home runs and no one has been able to hit that number since.

But, star of the Yankees, Judge Aaronis closing in on 61 with a month to go.

The Yankees outfielder has hit 53 home runs with 27 games left.

Judge is currently on pace at 64 homers, this season Judge is at 9.08 at-bats per homer.

For his career, he has 12.11 at bat per home run.

Playing every day, he should have plenty of opportunity to break the record.

The only problem the judge might face is that of the last month.

He’s the Yankees’ best hitter by far, and other teams should have little reason to pitch slugger this past month.

AL East Race

The New York Yankees are in danger of experiencing one of the biggest meltdowns in recent memory.

They had a 15.5-game lead over the Rays in the AL East at the start of July.

Now that lead is down to five games.

New York was terrible in the second half of the season.

The Yankees have gone 10-20 in their last 30 games and are now six games behind the Astros for the number one seed in the AL.

The emergence of Tampa Bay is nothing new.

It’s been one of the most consistent teams in baseball in recent years, having been in the playoffs for the past three years.

As the Rays continue to close in, the pressure is on the Yankees to avoid an epic meltdown.

The Orioles continue their unlikely run

In an unexpected turnaround, the Baltimore Orioles are in the running for a wildcard spot.

The Orioles remain 2.5 games out of the third and final wildcard spot and are chasing the Blue Jays.

Baltimore went from a good story to a good team.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see them in the playoffs.

They dominated the New York Yankees throughout the second half.

They have a stable pitching staff and good young hitters leading them offensively.

Many of the Orioles’ top prospects were called up this year and immediately contributed.

Baltimore has the 11th toughest force on the calendar for the rest of the season including 10 games against the Blue Jays.

These 10 games will ultimately be the deciding factor in which team gets the wildcard spot.

These three scenarios make September baseball one of the most exciting times of the year.

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