The Last Inning (August 18, 2022): Jazzy Kaesbauer, 10U Alliance Champion Featured, Player & Club Moves + Other Verbs

10U Alliance National Champion Jazzy Kaesbauer, today’s star athlete from So Cal.

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2030 C/1B/3B Jazzy Kaesbauer helped OC Batbusters-Edmonds/Taylor win the 10U Alliance National title this summer and she recently told Extra Inning Softball about her club team, hard work, improvement, Alliance Nationals, the 2011 Oklahoma team, Kobe Bryant, 50 cents and TikTok is moving.


Jazzy Kaesbauer.

Name: Jazmyn Kaesbauer

Hometown: La Mirada, California

Future High School: Top of the Serna

The club team: OC Batbusters 10U-Edmonds/Taylor (ET)

Year of graduation: 2030

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Position: C/1B/3B

Nickname: jazzy

Twitter: N / A

Honors: Oklahoma Alliance 10u National Championship Series MVP.

Travel Ball Highlights/Summer Stats: 10U Alliance National Championship; fourth in the AFA; fifth at PGF National Championships; hitting a 220-foot OTF HR; Triple Crown Championship; .500 AVG, 92 RBIs, 6 HRs, 1.283 OPS, 1.38 catcher pop time; and winner of the fastest 10U receiver at the Medina Skills Challenge.

Tell us about your travel team/organization and how you got involved with them? OC (Batbusters) is the BEST organization I’ve played with. All my coaches have helped me become the player I am today. Thank you coach Mike StithCoach Katie StithCoach Jamee JuarezCoach Jarrod Taylor and trainer Pierre Horton. Being able to have access to the facility (Batbusters) for all my lessons and workouts has helped me take my game to the (next) level. My team has been fun and super supportive. I am grateful to have the opportunity to play alongside this group of talented athletes.

What do you bring to the team? Hard work, dedication, reliability (especially behind the plate) and some pretty awesome TikTok moves, lol.

What areas were you focusing/trying to improve on this summer? Become stronger, faster, better throwing accuracy, hitting and lining up.

Jazzy Kaesbauer behind the dish.

Can you tell us about your experience at Alliance Nationals this summer? It was so much fun! I appreciated the large canoes. And it was fun to play on the pitch where the national champions played.

Which player/team was your toughest opponent and why? Oklahoma 2011 team. It was a good team of hitters, defenders and pitchers.

What are your goals for the future? Keep improving. Become smarter. I am never satisfied.

Who is your sports hero and why? Kobe Bryant. He is my sports hero because of his mentality and his achievements.

What is the best hype song and why? “Retreat” by 50 cents.

Do you have a secret talent/skill? TikTok dancing and making bracelets (IG: jewerlyby.jaz).

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