Three easy ways to climb

These simple tips will have you moving up the ranks in no time.

Team Fight Tactics is well into its final season. It’s been one of the most well-received seasons since launch and has brought in a ton of new players. Mirroring its League of Legends ranking system, Team Fight Tactics offers players the opportunity to climb the ranks and achieve the highest ranking. As with any ranking system, there will be players who excel more than others. This simple item can help players who are struggling in lower levels and want to reach higher.

Stop spamming the store

Team Fight Tactics offers a variety of ways to play the game, whether it’s leveling up quickly to get stronger champions, or being conservative and picking your moment. Essentially, the game revolves heavily around its economy. In its simplest form, players earn gold after each round that increases or decreases based on their performance.

Being strong in the economic game will ensure players move up the ranks at a faster rate. As we’ll explain later, economy should be used correctly, relying heavily on the type of composition you want to use. The constant problem for lower level players is to re-roll in the shop in the hope of getting lucky. It’s not a smart decision. More often than not, you’ll find yourself out of gold and still not getting the champion you’re looking for.

While it’s hard to resist rolling in the store at first, if you’re more careful with their spending, your chances of finishing in the LP spots will improve dramatically.

Limit the number of compositions you play

Image courtesy of Mobalytics

One of the problems many lower level players have is constantly changing their lineup from game to game. While this is fine for higher levels, it never really works well in bronze and silver.

Mobalytics is a great website for new players. Even if you don’t follow their step-by-step guides, their final build image should be enough to get you going in the right direction.

Reducing your comps to one or two will help players level up much faster. Having a composition in mind from the start will make players think about the end game; and what champions they need upfront to get to that final roster. It’s okay if you have to divot early on. You always need to field the strongest comp possible and sometimes the champions you need aren’t always available early in the game.

Use items with low level units

This section continues on the subject of specific compositions. Now that you’ve narrowed down your comps to a couple you like the look of, it’s time to think about items; specifically, the best items your carry champions can use to win rounds.

If you’re running a comp that has Cho’Gath as its primary transport, you’ll want to prioritize tank items; such as Warmogs and Redemption.

While Cho’Gath is your primary carry for this comp, you’d want to put tank items on a 1 or 2 cost champion in the same synergy early on. Until you can comfortably bring Cho into formation. You want to make sure you’re fielding the best range possible, and having items sitting on the bench could be bad for your HP.

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