Tom Jones: New TV miniseries of classic English novel to be filmed in Belfast

Filming is set to begin in and around Belfast this fall on the new Tom Jones miniseries, based on the classic Henry Fielding novel.

ITV’s four-part drama, a reimagining of the 18th century book The Story of Tom Jones: Foundling, tells the story of a young man’s complicated journey to find love.

The miniseries sees ITV teaming up with Masterpiece and Mammoth Screen, who have delivered some of the UK’s biggest dramas such as Poldark and Victoria.

It was adapted for the screen by Gwyneth Hughes, who adapted Vanity Fair and also wrote the screenplay for the recent BBC drama Three Families, set in Northern Ireland.

Solly McLeod (The Rising) plays the hero Tom alongside Sophie Wilde (You Don’t Know Me) as the heroine Sophia Western.

Fielding’s novel outraged readers when it was first published in 1749.

But, according to Hughes, who also acts as an executive producer, it’s the “mother of all romantic comedies” and “exactly what we all need after the last two years of misery.”

“Henry Fielding’s 18th century novel is sexy and fun; it is also a dramatic roller coaster, addressing so many modern concerns about consent, sexual equality and the pursuit of happiness, ”she said.

“Tom and Sophia overcome enormous obstacles before they find their way home and towards each other.

“It’s a classic adaptation with a wise soul and a big smile on its face.”

Mammoth Screen Executive Producer James Gandhi said: “With master scripts from Gwyneth Hughes, Georgia Parris directing and rising stars Solly McLeod and Sophie Wilde leading the cast, we couldn’t be more excited to present this happy story of identity and romance on screen.

Parris described the period piece as an “escape into the sights, sounds and textures of 18th century England”.

“It’s an intimate story that shows how much love and desire drives us and confuses us all, women and men,” she said.

“I can’t wait to start telling this classic story, one of England’s earliest novels, and making it resonate with modern audiences.”

With funding from Northern Ireland Screen, Tom Jones will be touring locally in the coming months.

Managing Director Richard Williams said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Mammoth Screen, Masterpiece and ITV on the latest drama to be filmed in Northern Ireland.

“We are sure audiences around the world will enjoy this exciting adaptation of the classic Henry Fielding novel.”

Masterpiece, the company behind such hits as Downtown Abbey and Sherlock, has won 83 Primetime Emmy Awards. Mammoth Screen, which is part of ITV Studios, includes Endeavor and The Serpent among its shows.

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