Top 10 teams with the best percentage of slips since 2019 in the tests

Catching slips is also an important aspect of test matches.

England vs India 2018. (Photo by Stu Forster / Getty Images)

Cricket fans have been busy lately with the schedule inundated with exciting matches. A lot of Test cricket has also been played in the recent past. Notably, the game’s purest format gained popularity after the introduction of the Test World Championship. As the stakes increased, the teams put even more effort into registering victories. For this reason, several exciting test matches have been played over the past two years.

While several sensational hits were seen during this time span, many fantastic spells left viewers as well. Catching slips is also an important aspect of test matches. With the red ball swaying and spinning more than the white one, a hitter edging the ball and slipping out is one of the most common ways of rejecting in tryouts.

The highest quality pasta, however, won’t toss its wickets very easily. Therefore, the bowler has to work hard to trick them and get the outside edge, if not played or LBW. This makes the role of the outfielder very important, although many may not realize it. In particular, slip fielding is a specialized department and the assigned player must have significant skills.

They must have good hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes. After all, it doesn’t take a long time for a ball to go from hitter to fielder. In addition, the ball changes direction after taking the edge. Therefore, there is not much reaction time. When it comes to fielding to spinners, a ball continues to spin even after hitting the bat.

This means that setting up the slides is by no means a bread and butter task. As the saying goes, catches win matches, we have seen the prices of many games change due to the drop in catches. Because of this, a player’s skill at catching slips is taken into account when selecting an XI or a team.

During this time, New Zealand have been the best in this department lately. Winners of the inaugural final of the ICC World Test Championship, the Kiwis have managed 90% of the slip catches since January 2019. While Australia and South Africa occupy the next two places, the fourth place is occupied by Team India. Looked.

Slip catch percentage since January 1, 2019 (Minimum 6 Tests):

Courtesy of Stats: Sky Sports

(Last update: September 4, 2021)

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