Tyrone Taylor set for major batting playoffs

After a multi-homer game and a .941 shot percentage in his last seven games played, Tyrone Taylor has more than likely solidified his place on the Brewers playoff list. The excessive amounts of power Taylor carries in his bat make him a prime candidate for an unlikely hero.

In a team that sometimes struggles to pass races, Tyrone Taylor’s attribute “lightning in a bottle” makes him a valuable asset in October. He’s been a regular hitter throughout the season, including the months of April and July when he hit above 0.300, and then the months of May and August when he hit below 0.200.

2021 was the year Taylor hit career highs in terms of exit speed and launch angle.

Tyrone Taylor finally had enough playing time to prove his worth and he did everything the Brewers asked for and more.

Where Tyrone Taylor can really excel in playoff baseball is in the nip role against left-handed pitchers late in the game. He’s down 0.284 / .321 / .514 against lefties with five homers during the 2021 campaign. And more specifically, his batting average on in-play balls is an outstanding .327 against lefties.

According to Baseball Reference, in high leverage situations this season, Taylor is hitting a solid .255 with a .680 OPS and 14 RBIs. A tight ball game when Milwaukee’s pitcher’s place is in order against a southpaw should be that of Tyrone Taylor’s nest.

Thankfully the Brewers have a plethora of guys who have shown they can get off the bench and Tyrone Taylor has solidified himself in that group. Guys like Jace Peterson, Daniel Vogelbach and Manny Pina have shown their ability to reach the big moment during the regular season… now the question is, can this group make it in October?

Taylor has really improved his batting against fastpitch this season. Last year he reduced a terrible .174 / .267 / .435 against fastballs. This year, the 27-year-old outfielder has upped those numbers to 0.257 / 0.293 / 0.504 against the heater with eight more circuits. As the sole pick in the second round in the high school draft, there was a lot of hype around him and likely unfair expectations. Now he has become all alone and looks like a legitimate MLB talent.

While he doesn’t have as many at-bat appearances, Taylor has the fourth-highest OPS over the Brewers this season, and his production hasn’t gone unnoticed.

I believe Tyrone Taylor is destined to have a great post-playoff moment and I can’t wait to see that infectious ear-to-ear smile he wears so proudly.

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