Video: Pakistani cricketer flinches at fast bowlers during practice, leaves bat and runs away – Reuters

Video: Pakistani cricketer flinches against fast bowlers during practice, leaves stick and runs away

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Pakistani team (Pakistani Cricket Team) Currently in New Zealand for the tri-series. Where he won 1-1 matches against Bangladesh and New Zealand. On October 11, the Pakistan team will play the third game of this series against New Zealand. After the tri-series, the Pakistani team will travel to Australia, where they will compete in the T20 World Cup on October 23. (T20 World Cup 2022) will begin his campaign against India in Previously, a Pakistani player was in awe of fast bowlers. The thing is, from Dahani. Shahnawaz Dahani (Shahnawaz Dahani) He was so amazed by the bowlers’ bat that he left the bat and started running.

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Dahani also took off her helmet. Although after that he went back to batting practice during the net session after persuading the bowling coach Shaun Tait, but the whole Pakistani team enjoyed his batting a lot during this session. The coaches, including Naseem Shah, also kept smiling.

Dahani kept trying to avoid the ball

Video of bowler’s attack on Shahnawaz Dahani goes viral. In which it is clearly seen how much he struggles with fast bowling. He tried to dodge the ball several times. In fact, Dahani is a bowler. He barely had a chance to beat. Talking about his bowling, he has taken 2 wickets so far in the triangle series.

Hit 2 sixes against India

Prior to this, Dahani played 4 games against England side who toured Pakistan in which he won 3 wickets. Dahani scored 16 points on 6 balls in the group stage match against India in the Asian Cup. He hit 2 sixes in the process, but a viral video of his stick during the net session showed him struggling with the extra bounce. Meanwhile, he also avoided hurting himself in a joke. He almost had to sit down to avoid the ball.


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