“Virat, enough is enough. He asked why? Are you tired? I’ll take this to the grave’ | locust

Star hitter Virat Kohli is easily one of the safest and brightest defenders in the Indian squad. Apart from a few mistakes here and there, Kohli’s stunning reflexes and physical form have been a boon to him, especially on the pitch. He took stunning catches left, right and center and although there were occasions where he put down keepers, Kohli was a beast and took catches that many of his India team-mates just can’t. just not. However, the road to Kohli becoming a good defender and receiver was not easy. Former India coach R Sridhar has revealed that Kohli was not a great slip receiver to start with and the former captain had worked extremely hard over the years to become the defender he wanted to be. is now.

“Virat Kohli became one of India’s best sliding outfielders just with practice. He wasn’t a very good sliding outfielder to start with because he was too energetic – he was a bundle of energy – and that’s Kohli. Not that he’s not energetic now. He’s always very present but he’s able to know when to be calm and he’s channeled his energy better. But I’m telling you it’s is training,” Sridhar told Cricket.com.

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Sridhar then recalled a memory that the former India coach says he will “take to his grave”. Sridhar explained Kohli’s work ethic especially when he was on the pitch, saying no amount of sessions can tire the former India captain. Thinking back to the field exercises he and Kohli would take part in, Sridhar said there would be instances where he would tire but Virat would show no signs of slowing down and was ready to keep going.

“I had sessions with him when I was tired, and I said ‘Virat, that’s enough’. But he was asking ‘no, are you tired? I want to catch more.” And I’m like I’m going over and over again… takes 100 catches away from him. And it’s not just one day. Every streak. There’s a few days where he takes more of 100 shots in session. And the energy with which he does it is breathtaking. For me, this is the view that I will take with me to my grave…Virat Kohli training,” Sridhar said.

“And even to catch slips…hundreds and hundreds of catches. Whether it’s Brisbane, Ahmedabad, Southampton. Wherever he is. When it comes to the pitch, the intensity with which he does it is a lesson ; he is a role model for any young cricketer to follow. He wants it fast, very precise… “give me more to my left, to my right. More one-handed, two-handed. And if he finds the ball is coming too slowly, he would take a few steps forward and challenge his reaction.”

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