Virender Sehwag reminds Kapil Sharma that he is “Nawab of Najafgarh” after being asked about household chores

Former cricketers Virender Sehwag and Mohammad Kaif will be seen as guests in the next episode of The Kapil Sharma Show. A promo has been shared online.

Host Kapil Sharma said Sehwag had to help with household chores during the lockdown because even household help was not available. “Yaar, principal Nawab of Najafgarh hoon. Main kaam karunga (I am the Nawab of Najafgarh. Do you think I will do chores)? Sehwag reminded Kapil of his nickname, leaving everyone divided.

Kapil told the audience that Sehwag would talk a lot in the locker room and that Sachin Tendulkar would give him bananas, thinking he would stay silent while he ate. “Aapko agar life mein kisi ko kela khane dena ho, kisko dena chahenge aap (If you were to give somebody bananas, who would you give them to),” Kapil asked Sehwag.

Without saying anything, Sehwag picked up a banana from the table in front of him and gave it to Kapil. However, he asked for it in return and explained, “Tu kela khayega toh yeh show bandh ho jayega. Tu bolta hai, tere se hi show chalta hai (if you start eating bananas, the show will close its shop, because it is happening because of you). ”

Kapil then focused on Kaif and noticed that most cricketers find their wives through a loving marriage. “Bahar fielding karne ka time kab mil jaata hai aapko?” Aap outfielder a bade achche hai, main isliye pooch raha hoon (when do you have time to play away? I ask you because you are an excellent outfield player), ”said Kapil , leaving Kaif and Sehwag in division.

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In the promo, Kapil also said that the helmets come first and the guards come later. Sehwag corrected it and said: “Uss samay jansankhya kum thi na world ki, isliye guard pehle bana (at the time the world population was not that high so the guards were made first and the helmets came later). “

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