Who has the most runs for India in the WC


Virat Kohli recently equaled Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 21 over-fifty scores with his last half-century at the ICC T20 World Cup in Australia, but how does his batting numbers compare to the legend on the biggest scene of all.

The World Cup is the biggest stage of all for any sportsman and the way a player carries himself when carrying the hopes of an entire nation separates the good from the truly great. Two players in recent history have made a habit of delivering regularly for India at the World Cup and it’s no wonder who these two batting maestros are.

While Sachin Tendulkar dominated the ODI World Cup, making his personal stomping ground to torment his opponents, Virat Kohli set out to demolish teams in the game’s shortest format.

First, let’s take a look at King Kohli’s dominance of the T20 World Cup batting ratings.

Most races in Men’s T20 World Cups

Kohli’s last punch at the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 of 64 not knocked out against Bangladesh saw him overtake Mahela Jayawardene at the top of the T20 World Cup batting charts.

Jayawardene is the top scorer in the T20 World Cup since 2014 with 1016 points in 31 innings. However, Kohli chased him to take first place with 1065 runs in just 23 innings.

Here’s a look at the top scorers in the T20 World Cup.

Races Sleeves Exercise rate Medium 50/100
Virat Kohli 1065 23 132.46 88.75 13 / 0
Mahela Jayawardene 1016 31 134.74 39.07 6 / 1
Chris Gayle 965 31 142.75 34.46 7 / 2
Rohit Sharma 921 34 129.35 35.42 9 / 0
Tillakaratne Dilshan 897 34 124.06 30.93 6 / 0

The graphic clearly illustrates Kohli’s dominance of the world cup scene in the shortest format. Not only has Kohlhi reached the top in the fewest innings, but his average of 88.75 shows just how dominant he has been, staying out 11 times. His tally of 13 half-centuries is also unmatched, with Rohit Sharma (9) the closest.

Most races in men’s ODI World Cups

T20I cricket came a bit too late for Sachin Tendulkar, with the blaster master not featuring for India in a single T20 World Cup. However, Tendulkar’s ODI World Cup record is unmatched. He comfortably leads the second highest scorer, Ricky Ponting, while posting the most scores over fifty (21).

Races Sleeves Exercise rate Medium 50/100
Sachin Tendulkar 2278 44 88.98 56.95 15 / 6
Ricky Bridge 1743 42 79.95 45.86 6 / 5
Kumara Sangakkara 1532 35 86.55 56.74 7 / 5
Brian Lara 1225 33 86.26 42.24 7 / 2
AB de Villiers 1207 22 117.29 63.52 6 / 4

Most races for India at World Cups (T20I and ODI combined):

So, with Kohli and Tendulkar’s dominance comfortably established atop the charts in each format, let’s now take a look at how these two legends stack up when comparing India’s numbers on the world stage.

Races Sleeves Exercise rate Medium 50/100
Sachin Tendulkar 2278 44 88.98 56.95 15 / 6
Virat Kohli 2095 49 105.17 61.61 19 / 2
Rohit Sharma 1899 51 109.70 46.31 12 / 6
Yuvraj Singh 1331 49 104.22 34.12 11 / 1
MS Dhoni 1309 54 101.15 39.66 5 / 0

Remember that all the other top five hitters have played for India in the T20I and ODI World Cups while Tendulkar has never played in the T20 World Cup. Yet Tendulkar continues to dominate the charts as he leads the way with his massive tally of 2278 runs.

Kohli managed to tie Tendulkar’s record of 21 over-fifty scores with his last half-century while his average of 61.61 is unmatched among players with over 100 World Cup runs. It seems inevitable that Kohli will eventually catch up to the Master Blaster with the 2023 ODI World Cup just around the corner.

Yet there is very little to separate the two when it comes to performing for India on the biggest stage. And, for now, the stats don’t lie, Tendulkar is and will remain India’s top scorer at the World Cups, unless King Kohli has other plans for the rest of the current tournament in Australia.

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